Fine Belgian Chocolate

Belgian chocolate is often considered to be the best in the world, and rightly so. Leonidas was founded over 100 years ago and its chocolates have always been made using the highest quality cocoa beans, which are then carefully sorted and ground more finely than those of many other chocolate producers.

Leonidas chocolates are made in Belgium from 100% pure cocoa butter, for a delicious fresh taste. Leonidas Dulce is based in Playa Blanca, in the south of Lanzarote.


If you would like to send a wonderful gift to someone, we can make it even more special by including a card with a message of your choice. All Leonidas Lanzarote products are carefully packaged and delivered in a way to ensure they arrive in the best condition possible. Orders over 100€ are delivered FREE OF CHARGE. Please note that we only ship to the Canary Islands.

Featured Products

Leonidas 250g Chocolates and Teddy Bear Dommel (20cm)

Cute teddy bear and a box of 250g delicious and fresh Leonidas chocolates (about 15 pieces).

Leonidas Asterix-Pouch with Chocolate Coins 135g

These delicious milk chocolate coins aren’t for saving – they’re for eating! Reach deep into the pouch and discover the

Leonidas Butterfly Box Red – 3 Chocolates

This stylish small red butterfly box contains 3 chocolates.

Leonidas Chocolates 500g

Stylish box filled with 500 grams (1,10 lb) of deliciously fresh Leonidas chocolates (about 30 to 35 pieces).

Leonidas Collection Napolitains 48 Chocolates

Stylish box filled with 48 Napolitains.

Leonidas Cube Orangettes 250g

Candied orange peel, covered in a fine layer of dark Leonidas chocolate.

Leonidas Dora (Brown) Seashells 400g

Stylish gift box filled with 400g delicious and fresh Leonidas seafood, a soft envelope with a smooth filling inside

Leonidas Heritage Gold Tin 25 Chocolates

Luxurious golden gift box from Leonidas’ heritage range. This stylish gift box contains 25 chocolates of well balanced selection of

Leonidas Liqueurs 500g

A box of pure liqueur praline chocolates.

Leonidas Manon Tin Box 40 Chocolates

Luxury fresh cream Belgian chocolate made from smooth hazelnut paste, fresh butter and cream and lightly flavoured with coffee. 40

Leonidas Napolitains 1kg

Leonidas chocolate, full of know-how and tradition.

Leonidas Red Luxury Box 30 Chocolates

Luxury velvet box filled with 30 Leonidas pralines and chocolates.